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Artist Statement

Working within the realm of painting and mixed media, I explore the relationships of materials and create a compound history of marks in order to examine femininity, socie­­­­tal pressures, cultural norms, and my subjective experiences with barriers and judgments. Beginning intuitively with each composition, I open myself to the experimentation of form, color, texture, repetition, and collage. As I continuously react and respond to the painted surface, an inner dialogue emerges. The artistic development provides a channel for introspection, allowing me to utilize memory, interpersonal relationships, and everyday observations. As a Southern woman who is challenging generational cycles, belonging and acceptance are juxtaposed with reflection and resistance. Throughout the process of layering, the composition transforms into a record of ideas, reactions, and expression referenced by underlying symbolism. Incorporating collaged elements allows me to combine past remnants with contemporary practices to express my innermost thoughts and feelings.

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"If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”

Edward Hopper

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