Neuron Structure.jpg

"If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”

Edward Hopper


Artist Statement

My current body of work walks the line between spontaneity and intentionality. Latest artworks portray the chaos and complexity of life while creating moments of structure and organization. Recent pieces are personal interpretations of how I experience the world around me and within myself; they offer a chance for introspection. Regarding process, I implement a step-by-step approach so each mark dictates the next. The surface builds similarly to stream of consciousness writing, resulting in a continuous flow of ideas, feelings, and reactions. While I am in control of the brush, I am not fixated on a specific source material or outcome. Many of the compositions become experiments of gesture and color theory. I incorporate mixed media with acrylic paint and oftentimes include collage. My work becomes a journal of personal life experiences, thoughts, and expressions.